Anti-Aging Ultra (3-month)


Powerful Antioxidants (Resveratrol)

Formulated to contain some of the world’s most popular natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to help cleanse the body from free radicals and oxidative stress, which researchers found to be linked to almost every sign of aging.

Features of this patch include:

  • 90 patches included
  • Made with over 150g of polyphenols
  • Works like a powerful antioxidant
  • Uses the secret of red wine, resveratrol
  • Safe, easy, and convenient to use
  • Releases over a sustained 8-hour period
  • Made with natural ingredients

What's Inside

How To Use

Apply a Patch Daily to an area with little or no hair, such as your shoulder, back, wrist or hip.

For best results, it is recommended to wear Patch Daily Patches for 8 hours during the time-released period.  There is no additional benefit to wearing the patch longer than 8 hours.  Patches may also be worn overnight while you sleep.

Avoid using any lotions or creams in the same area where you apply your patch as it will inhibit absorption.  The patches are not waterproof.

It is okay to wear multiple patches at a time.

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  1. Dean L.

    These vitamin patches are so easy to slap on my shoulder and head to work in the morning. I’ve noticed an overall increase in energy and my skin feels better throughout my body, most notably my facial skin.

    100% recommend to anyone in their 40’s to look and feel healthy.

    Anti-Aging Ultra Vitamin PatchAnti-Aging Ultra Vitamin Patch

  2. Lynn McDermott

    As a busy mom and bariatric patient, it’s hard to find time to take all the vitamins I’m required to take after surgery.  It’s been a godsend to find the Anti-Aging Ultra patch that I can quickly put on my arm in the morning before the day gets away from me. I don’t have to worry about finding foods that fit into my new diet that also provide the antioxidants I need for smooth skin and thick, full hair.

    Anti-Aging Ultra Vitamin PatchAnti-Aging Ultra Vitamin Patch

  3. Alexa Mason

    I love the convenience of vitamin patches, especially after my surgery.  Getting nutrients via a different route than swallowing pills has literally been a life saver!

    Anti-Aging Ultra Vitamin PatchAnti-Aging Ultra Vitamin Patch

  4. Lesley McKinney

    Early days but I feel more energized. So far I love them!

    Anti-Aging Ultra Vitamin PatchAnti-Aging Ultra Vitamin Patch

  5. Janet Toklu

    I love the anti aging patches. My face is smoother. My fingernails are growing like crazy and it has only been 2 weeks.

    Anti-Aging Ultra Vitamin PatchAnti-Aging Ultra Vitamin Patch